10 Worst Movie Performances Of The 21st Century

Just as there are best movie performances from our favorite actors, there are also worst movie performances. We all have seen those performances from our favorites and asked ourselves, “Why would they do that?” Whether this is the scripts fault or just plain bad acting, they have shown their worst on the big screen. In no particular order, the worst movie performances of the 21st century are:

10. Colin Farrell – Bullseye, “Daredevil” (2003)

colin farrell bullseye

Despite being a phenomenal actor, Colin Farrell’s character “Bullseye” was torture to watch. Filled with clichés and bad one-liners, the puns were a little much and the lackluster acting went downhill. This was one of the worst portrayal of a comic book hero, one not really liked too, and it seemed that Farrell really didn’t try hard to make it worth anything.

9. Sandra Bullock – Leigh Anne Tuohy, “The Blind Side” (2009)

sandra bullock leigh anne tuohy

Normally, Sandra Bullock rocks it in the theaters. In the newly released film, “The Heat”, she shows that she has a comedic side. In “The Blind Side”, the acting was atrocious and it didn’t have the flare that Bullock usually has. Those who have seen this movie know that it is not one of the best out there in the movie universe and some have defended Bullock blaming that it was the bad script that caused her constant blunders on film.

8. Russell Crowe – Javert, “Les Miserables” (2012)

russell crowe javert

Here we have an actor that captivated audiences in such films as “The Gladiator” and “Master & Commander”. However, in “Les Miserables”, he sang. This was a mistake on the casting mainly because Javert has so much emotion that Crowe lacked throughout the entire film. Even when it was a pivotal moment in Javert’s life, he didn’t shine as the character was trying to do.

7. Johnny Depp – The Mad Hatter, “Alice In Wonderland” (2010)

johnny depp mad hatter

From weird outfits and a strange accent only when he got upset, Johnny Depp flopped in “Alice In Wonderland”. It has to be said that the entire movie was a flop with the only character who was any good was a CGI creation known as “The March Hare”. However, Depp could have done so much with the character because he has the ability to transform characters from nothing into fantastic lead characters.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio – Richard, “The Beach” (2000)

leonardo dicaprio richard

With a lackluster performance, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t continue the success of “Titantic” as he tried his best in “The Beach”. The character was written all wrong for DiCaprio and it showed on screen. The film itself was alright, but it could have had so much more from the actors in general.

5. Julia Roberts – The Evil Queen, “Mirror, Mirror” (2011)

julia roberts evil queen

Despite the fall she has had in the recent years, there have been a number of performances from Julia Roberts that have captivated audiences. However, in “Mirror, Mirror”, she hardly moved around and served as a statue for most of the film with a sneer on her face. Granted, the movie was aimed toward children, but the acting was dreadful and robotic almost. Did Disney replace her with a robot from Disneyland?

4. Brad Pitt – Achilles, “Troy” (2004)

brad pitt achilles

Many people are a fan of Brad Pitt. His performance in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was fantastic. However, this career move was a bit much and his character as “Achilles” came off as too arrogant and unlikeable by movie goers. Some critics likened him to a Ken Doll that was only there to make snide comments and show his muscles, which the ladies surely loved of course, but this is not a muscle contest, it’s a movie!

3. Meryl Streep – Margaret Thatcher, “The Iron Lady” (2011)

meryl streep margaret thatcher

Everyone loves Meryl Streep, but as Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of the UK from 1979-1990, they didn’t. With a forced British accent that almost sounded Irish she didn’t make fans with her portrayal of the ruthless “Iron Lady”. However, the Academy Awards nominated her either way.

2. Cate Blanchett – Irina Spalko, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (2008)

Cate Blanchett  Irina Spalko

Before she was Daisy in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” franchise, she was Irina Spalko in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Although they were released in the same year, one of them sailed to the top while the other sank to the bottom. Here performance was cartoony than villainy and it came off like a non-serious character. The movie as a whole was a flop and the worst choice Spielberg ever made, but what’s done is done and we don’t have to watch it ever again.

1. Forrest Whitaker – Ker, “Battlefield Earth” (2000)

forest whitaker ker

The last to make the list is Forrest Whitaker’s portrayal of Ker in “Battlefield Earth”. With several actors making the list on this film as the worst, Whitaker was among the worst. It was exaggerated and forced to the point where you wanted to walk away. The laugh alone was so bad that you wanted to stick popcorn in your ears. This was one of the worst movies that have been released as well and some blame the script. However, the role could have been performed better then what he gave.

Did your worst character make the list? Who is your worst character?

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